Thursday, 1 July 2010

Act 2(!?): A Heartfelt Farewell~

Worst kept journal of the Ma courses this year? Very likely. What can I say, things have never settled since we came up here, I've never had the work I wanted to post, the updates to mention. It's been one thing after another. This aint a complaint, a cop-out, an excuse, this is just laying it out as it's been for us. I regret coming up here in the position we did for a start, already flat broke and unprepared for all the costs that lay ahead. Trying to get money for rent, food, bills, with the only loan being for the course itself, something that also took an age to sort out.

Rammmmbling aside~ The results went out for Semester 2 as I'm sure we all know by now, what did it say, we all doing good? I know I am. Strange as it is to say considering the result, I'm actually relieved to be honest, I got a "fail, withdraw". It actually feels like an immense load has been taken off my shoulders. There's been so much panic and worry about even surviving, let alone everything else. The irony of it all though is I'm now in the position I wanted to be in at the start, c'est la vie.
There's always the chance I'd be in this same position now even if I'd had the job to begin with, the Masters hasn't quite been what I expected, I've still got a lot I want to learn before I could put out work to match some of the stuff I've seen, which is a little embarrassing to admit being that I have a year up on most of you, but eh, kudos guys.

I may be done with education at this point, but I aint done with Games Design, like I said I've still got a lot I want to learn, and I will. I don't regret anything I've done since I came up here, I've done everything I could to try and deal with it all, so what is there to regret? If I'd had the time for more I'd have done it, but this is how it goes.
With essays out of the way, and semester deadlines gone, but more than anything else, now that I've got this job (which is only weekends, woot!) and the financial support it offers (fantastic pay for 2 full days work) all set up, I can research, read up, practice, and find out how to do some of these fancy things everyone else has been doing..and maybe in another year I'll be where most of you are now. I may also keep this journal around, use it for what it was meant to be for, show my progress as I learn what I want.

ALL rambling aside, I really do wish everyone the best of luck in Semester 3 and maybe I'll see you around an office or something one day. Take care lads and lasses, 'till next the Blogapella sings~

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  1. It's a shame it never worked out, but sometimes that's how it rolls in life, gotta take your lumps and deal with it. I wish you the best in your future and urge you to keep practicing and getting better.

    Say hi to Buffy and give her my regards, both of you need to keep practicing if you want a future in games! The fun never stops...